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Established in Mauricie for more than 35 years, Groupe INTERVALVES Inc. has developped an expertise of excellence, recognized in the industrial field, for refurbishing

and for the sale of safety valves, valves and regulators, manometers and gauges, unloading hoses and pumps.

We have developped safe and efficient professional practices and intervention models. That is why we grow with our clients and are proud of their success, and also why we generously offer them our expertise and our quality products and services.

We make every effort to find economical and technological solutions that allow our clients to operate their facilities with safety and efficiency.

We continuously improve our professionnal practices, our equipment and we document our interventions so that we can always serve you better. All our employees are involved in a continuous training plan so they can remain on the leading edge of technology and work with efficiency and pleasure.

Groupe INTERVALVES Inc. is proud to be engaged in the community and to contribute to its wellness.

Since the opening of our business, we believe in conserving energy, in durable solutions and in protecting the environment. That is why we are proud to extend the life of your equipment and instruments.
We are accredited, level III, by the RBQ (Régie du bâtiment du Québec) to repair, adjust and seal safety valves (gas, air, liquid, steam) of all sizes installed in his plant or at the client including using a device with assistive opening. Accreditation number: 04 S1. It is valid from 2012-08-27 to 2014-08-27.

We use manometers, gauges and force cells that are calibrated each year by a specialized certified company.

We have insurance coverage:
- Civil liability for our on-site interventions: $5,000,000.
- Civil liability for our mobile equipment: $2,000,000.